Tuesday, January 5, 2010

<3 New Year <3

I am so excited for the new year! lets just say 2009 was not my favorite and am so glad it is over! We had a great christmas! Spending time with family and loved ones! So much fun, but again so glad it is over!! The girls got a power wheel truck from santa!! They didn't even care about anything else after they saw the truck.... we pretty much had to force them to open the gift's under the tree!! lol. But as the new year starts we have great plans and dreams! We want to thank everyone for the love and support they all gave us over the last year! I really think I would have went crazy if i didn't have you all!! Ryan is still with gomez landscaping which they have been good to us and we are thankful he still has a job with the econmy and all! I am actually start my own business in photography! It's great and I love it!! I get so much joy out of it!! you should check out my web page!! Milestonefotography.blogspot.com and it also has a Face book page. I Wish you all the best of dreams and luck and good health in this year! May all your blessing come true!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

*~ Back *~

Hey everyone, sorry i have been such a slacker and haven't blogged in umm
4 months.... lol sorry. We are doing great! Ryan is still working and he has
become a firefighter for mapleton! he is doing school right now and is loving
it! We had a great summer and Fall! The winter is going good so far... Really,
Really cold for no snow.... I started doing photography! I am loving it!! Here is
the blog for my page milestonefotography.blogspot.com Check it out and Please
help me build a clientelle!! I do special offer's all the time!! I also am working at
a gas station 2 to 3 days a week. Plus my full time mom job on top of those!! I am
loving it but very busy!! Addy is going to school, she has so much fun, but she seems
to only tell me what her favorite things she did that day, like color, or sing, or snacks!
she cracks me up! she is also in dance again this year! She is having a blast and is my
little dancing princess!! Paycee is doing really good!! she is a chubber's, we love it!! she
is always making us laugh, she has 13 teeth, weighs 25lbs, is walking all over the place
and is saying alot of words!! She loves telling you stories over the phone and pictures!!
We are doing well and we could not ask for me!! I will post some pic from over the past
few months..... well maybe or i will probley just start over from here.... lol don't hate me
to much!! hope all is well with your family's!! all our love The Withers clan!

Monday, June 15, 2009

PiTcUrE's I pRoMiSeD!!

Baby contest winners float, Paycee won 1st! Here she
is on the float in the parade with her daddy!

The day of the parade!!
Ryan and some of the fireman crew of mapleton city
Me and Ryan! Happy 2nd wedding anniversary! and

Happy 7th year being together!
Paycee the day after getting her cast off!
Paycee the day of the baby contest!
Addy's 3rd birthday! Tinker bell cake!
Tinker bell bag!!
Addy and her build a bear!!
Addy and her new bike!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

~*Catch Up*~

Wow, It has been forever since i have blogged. So sorry for the ones that
look at this and wounder if i have dropped off the face of the earth... Well
Some day's i only wish!!!
To up date you on everything that has happen this last month We can start with me
and Ryan...


-He finally got everything done that i asked (bugged) him to do, except
for put his car up for sale.... But it is in works!

- We planted our garden, and he made me a little flower out front where I
actually planted some flowers.... don't get to excited... I only planted like 8!

- We had our 7th year anniverasy being together and 2nd year being married! He is
a wonderful husband, dad, friend, brother, son! I love him so much!! Happy anniversary babe!

-I helped get blankets donated for the mapleton fire department to take to the burn center at primary hospital! Ryan had his firemans breakfest to raise money for the firedepartment!


-Adysen turned 3 years old on may 12th! How the time has flown by! on her birthday, jade and her went to build a bear and built a bear together, we went to dinner, and went and fed the ducks!! She got a ton of stuff! From mom, dad, and paycee, we gave her a princess bike and a little swimming pool! she got two baby dolls from my side of the family with a stroller, bed, swing for the babies, she named them zach and Kenzie baby!! Ryans side of the family got her a ton of stuff, Grandpa and grandma withers gave her a whole swimming set! jenny and beau gave her a sleeping bag, a tinker bell bag, and tinker bell PJ!! Shanny, jared, and ethan, got her a little tea set! she loves it all! Rachel, rob, and jade gave her princess dress ups!! Kenzie and michelle gave her a tinker bell doll!! she loved it all! Thank you all for giving her such a great birthday!!


-Paycee got her cast off!! YEA!! we go back on the 18th to make sure evverything is in place!!

-she is almost crawling! she rolls to where she wants to go though!! she is such a great happy baby!!

-She won 1st place in the springville baby contest 7 to 10months and will be in the parade with her daddy tomorrow at 10am!!

Thanks for putting up with me!! Pictures to come soon!! Promise!

Friday, May 8, 2009

~* FaMiLy PiCtUrE *~

I just have to tell you how happy i was to get pictures done!! I love pictures and i know my family gets sick of taking them all the time, But thank you ryan, addy, and paycee!! I really feel like i can never have enough pictures..... Any way, Mandi Pyne, the AMAZING lady she is took our pictures for us again.... She really is so great and really great price, you couldn't find a better price any where.... She takes your photo's she took like 200 hundred of us, takes the ones she love and photo shops them and then gives you the proof's of all pictures! AMAZING all for 50.00 bucks! Here are some that she took, I love them, I could'nt be happier!!

Addy playing with the flowers (they were weeds....) we got the pictures just down the road where i live at this guys land it has two old rustic barn's with this cool old torquist truck in the middle of them! I have way more pictures with it in and the cool barns but my blog is only so big!

This is addy running to us this is one of my fav's!

The whole fam!!

This is one of my favorite pictures! Paycee is such a blessing to our family, she is always happy and always seems to get us to come together when we need it the most!! I can't even explain the beuty of her! This pictures just say's it all!!
Mandi is starting her blog and will have a web site up soon, you guys can check out some of her work and book a shoot with her!! but say i recommended her!! it gives you brownie points!! and me also!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

~* Broken Femor *~

Our Little Tater Was helped off our bed monday and Broke her leg!

She is such a trooper though! monday was very rough but that night she got a good night rest and now today with a new cast on she is very happy go lucky again!!

Our poor little girl!! Addy feels very bad but doesnt understand very well... We love both are kids very much!! Accidents do happen!! A very busy house hold the last few days!

~* I Hope You Dance *~

On April 23rd Addy had her little dance residdle! It was so cute! Her class is the 2 1/2 -3 year olds! they are so fun to watch!! I took some pictures! She did such a good job! and Ryan was even impressed on how well she did! He didn't this she would dance, just get up there and stand... She sure Suprised Him!!

This is addy Dance the hulla, They danced to some where over the rainbow, but the hawii verson!!

This is all the little girls in her class! there was 5 of them!

She found us in the audiance and started waving in the middle of her dance!! :)